Hiking Angels Landing: "Beautiful like a dream come alive"

Last weekend we went to Zion National Park to hike the breathtaking Angels Landing trail.

Hiking Angels Landing in Zion National Park, Utah

Angels Landing is one of the most popular hikes in the world and it deserves its place with the best. The views of Zion Canyon's 270 million-year-old rock layers are gorgeous. Anyone in an average physical condition can make this heavenward trek. We felt we were in a dream while doing this trail.

Refrigerator Canyon in Zion National Park, Utah

Steep Trail

The first section of the trail is very steep and leads to the first photogenic overlook of the Zion Canyon.

Then the trail goes through the Refrigerator Canyon, which provides a blast of chilly air.

The second overlook arrives after many pinball switchbacks, right before the final section of the hike to the Angels Landing summit. We decided to rest and enjoy the views here before continuing.

Hike to Heaven

The last half mile of the trail is fun as the trail follows the ridge across a saddle. This is where things get interesting, steep, where you are grateful for the chains. The views along the way are impressive. The point at the end of the Angels Landing trail allows for unlimited views of Zion Canyon in both directions.

No doubt, this is one of the most beautiful places we have ever been: the walls are huge but not to a point that one cannot recognize its magnificence. Looking at the winding canyon formed by the Virgin River seems like one is in a dream flying through paradise. It will take a while before your mind understands where you are and assimilates all color shades.

The only throw back from this trail is that is pretty packed. There are people everywhere and the solitude that a mountain deserves it's not found here.

Virgin River Zion National Park

Swim in the Virgin River

On our way back we went to the Virgin river to cool ourselves down overlooking the Organ, a massive rock formation, behind on the picture.

We were very happy to swim watching the sunset after such a long hike.

Then we took the shuttle back to the parking and drove back to where we were camping - to prepare dinner and gaze the stars.

What we did last weekend? We had fund in Nature!