Winter Hiking at Dolly Sods & Blackwater Falls

Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving Day with friends at a mountain cabin in Davis, WV. We hiked on the high meadows of Dolly Sods and watched the magnificent Blackwater Falls. This was a wonderful destination to share our grateful for all what happened in 2016.

Winter frame

Hiking Dolly Sods

Above 3,000 feet, Dolly Sods Wilderness has 47 miles of trails. The uniqueness of Dolly Sods relies on the high altitude and flatness: easy long hikes close to the sky to fully enjoy this heavenly experience.

Dolly Sods Meadows, West Virginia

On Friday we started down the Bear Rocks Trail TR522 aiming to get to the Canaan Valley overlook, 3 miles ahead. The hike switched between large meadows, alpine woods and a couple of beautiful streams. Sections of the trail were very boggy with deep mud making it harder to hike.

Mountains views at Dolly Sods

Rocks at Canaan Valley Overlook, Dolly Sods

After hiking for 2 hours we got to the Canaan Valley overlook. There are sandstone rock formations resembling a lunar surface close to the overlook. We rested eating our sandwiches and sheltering from the wind. From there we started our way back. We noticed the clouds were passing by faster and faster above our head, announcing that snow was coming...

Lindy Point overlook - or windy point, West Virginia

Blackwater Fall State Park

It snowed all Friday night. When we woke up Saturday we could see from our window the forest gently covered by snow.

Our plan for the bad weather was to check hikes in the Blackwater Falls State Park. Here you can find 2 short and accesible hikes with cool views:

1. Lindy Point

This is a 0.5 mile walk through a dense and pretty rhododendron forest. At the end of the trail there is a platform built on the rocky cliff.

The overlook offers a spectacular view of the Blackwater Canyon. The free-standing rock chimneys that complete the view made us dream about climbing here on day. The clouds mix with the mountains far away. One of the best views in West Virginia.

Blackwater Falls, West Virginia

2. Blackwater Falls

This 62-foot cascade is the great attraction of the park. You can find a couple of scenic views of Blackwater Falls.

From the east side, the 0.25-mile Gentle Trail provides a good upper perspective of the falls surrounded by trees.

From the west side (main access), a boardwalk winds down the canyon for 0.25 miles through a staircase-path leading to several viewing platforms. Here you are really close to the waterfall and you can catch prettier views.

Despite the cold we stayed there for 30 minutes admiring the amber-color water of the river, the rocks and the gravity spectacle.

Blackwater falls, West Virginia

This area gets crowded with tourists but it’s worth visiting.  After the short hikes we drove back to our cabin and spent the rest of the weekend relaxing warmly.

What we did last weekend? We had fun in nature!