Nature around DC Photography exhibition

We are happy to invite you to Lens of Adventure, a photography exhibition inspired by nature and outdoor adventures near Washington D.C., featuring 25 photographs and a book with 20 curated outdoor trips.

The exhibition will take place from February 21st to March 6th at:

IDB Staff Association Art Gallery
1300 New York AV, NW, Washington D.C. 20577
(13th street entrance)

Opening Reception and Book Launch Event:
Tuesday, February 21st, from 6 to 8pm

Come celebrate with us and support our work!

About the Exhibition: Lens of Adventure

Nature possesses contextual dimensions, offers a multi-sensory experience and presents itself as a seamless unity. In 2015 Raisa and Mon decided to truly experience it, leaving their expectations and thousands of human artifacts behind in order to appreciate nature and its beauty around D.C. The exhibition invites you to immerse yourself in nature and observe it with full sympathy as being. The photos, however, are only half of the experience; the true exhibition is nature itself, which is out there to be discovered and appreciated.

About the Book: 20 weekend trips near Washington D.C.

This book features the best 20 outdoors trips in the Mid-Atlantic, including Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia. The area offers over 300,000 acres of wilderness in a mere 2-4 hour drive with an unique variety of activities and beauties. Plan your next adventure cheap and easy! Hike to waterfalls, breathtaking views, find places to camp, watch cool sunrises and sunsets, rock climb... Every trip has hike descriptions, color photos, maps, directions, distance and useful notes. Includes a guide for camping outdoors. Your weekend plans will never be boring!

Order your book here - or buy it at the Book Launch Event

Thanks for your support!