4 tips to travel cheap

There are hundreds of ways to travel cheap. Here are our 4 popular ones:

1. Camp as much as possible

Not only you will save a lot of money but also you will connect more with nature and our planet. Camp close to a water source if possible, with a bit of tree cover. Consider the wind directions and create various zones at your campsite for eating, washing, lounging.

2. Buy in a supermarket and cook your food

Fresh fruit, nuts, yogurt, vegetables, sandwiches. Avoid food that comes in a box. Carry a small stove and cutlery to prepare some warm food.

3. Learn how to rent a car cheap

If you don't own a car or a van, renting may be the best option. There are many cheap rental companies. Dollar.com has crazy low rates. 

Don't forget to make a reservation in advance, check discounts, ignore potential offers for upgrades and avoid prepaying for gasoline.

rented car.jpg

4. Plan your own trip and avoid tourist traps

Here are some ideas: Namaste WallNew River Gorge, Grand Canyon.