Climbing Namaste, a great wall in a surreal canyon — What We Did Last Weekend


Trail-scendental Trail

The trail to the Namaste wall starts close to the South Fork of Taylor creek. As you climb gradually inside the canyon, the throat becomes narrower and the walls seem taller. Since it’s not as accesible as the rest of the park, you hardly see anyone else on the trail, and the nature is more preserved.

The trail climbs gradually and passes through a light green forest, a garden-like paradise sheltered by huge walls of deep pink and orange Navajo sandstone. At the end of the trail you walk over pink sand – torn off the walls over the millennia.

Weather in the desert is extreme, changing from freezing cold to hot in minutes and vice versa. It was a sunny day, but on our way it became really cloudy and a hail storm started. We got shelter in a cave and waited until the ephemeral water precipitation vanished.15 minutes more hiking and we got to Namaste Wall. We were completely alone – surrounded by red walls with huge holes, pockets and huecos – up to 2 meters wide. The red light was reflected in the white sand, creating a pink environment, lightly moist , with light green trees. The solitude that bring you mind piece – namaste!

Rock Climbing

Well, so what? Let’s climb. Mon started leading it and at the beginning, he thought about giving up, but after the 2nd bolt he was enjoying the big jugs to climb up on this overhang wall. Then it was Raisa’s time, with her heart in her mouth – it was her first time climbing in the nature after the surgery… she didn’t finish the route, but climbed enough to enjoy her passion. She came down and started to cry: “I’m back again!”

After climbing, we packed our gear, watched a climber struggling to complete another route (man, one really gets pumped on this overhangs!) and hiked back to our car.

Climbing Namaste, a great wall in a surreal canyon — What We Did Last Weekend
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