Tulum, Mexico — What We Did Last Weekend


Last weekend we camped at the beach, just a few meters from the Caribbean sea …

This is Tulum, a small town in the Riviera Maya, one hour south from Cancun. It is a secluded area best known for the fabulous preserved beaches and the world class scuba diving. There are also hundreds of Cenotes, these natural fresh water sinkholes in the middle of the jungle.

We camped at Camping Chavez, saving at least $100 per night compared to the other ‘cheap’ lodging options – mostly cabanas.

Camping Chavez was a very nice place to stay. The staff is kind and helpful, good people with big heart. You can bring your own tent and camp at the beach for $10 per night. Or you can sleep in a teepee with proper bed for a bit more. There are nice showers and fully equipped shared kitchen.

The weather in Tulum is always amazing: humid, warm and with cool breeze from the sea.

There are 3 popular activities you can do in Tulum:

1.  Scuba Diving In Coral Reefs And Cenotes

Tulum is right by the Great Mayan Reef, the second longest coral reef in the world.

Tulum, Mexico — What We Did Last Weekend
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