Our 10 Tips To Camp Comfortably — What We Did Last Weekend

8. Avoid Rainy and Freezing Weather

If you are used to it and have the special gear, you can deal with freezing weather, but we do not recommend. But definitely avoid rainy weather ! It’s just annoying and not fun at all. While raining you are stuck inside your tent with all your gear. After it stops everything is wet, muddy and it’s super hard to make fire out of the wet woods to dry out and keep warm. USA east coast (where we live and camp most) can be rainy during summer, so watch out. Drizzle should not be a problem.

9. Dress smart 

Remember that by being outdoors the whole day you’ll be exposed to the weather and cooler nights. Bring enough cloth to keep you warm and wear your boots during the night to avoid pintching your feet. During warm months we also bring a flip flop to chill in our camp site.

10. Have company and enjoy!

Camping with a partner is safer and you can better distribute the weight and responsibilities while preparing and setting the camp site. Also, happy experiences are always better when shared! 

Our 10 Tips To Camp Comfortably — What We Did Last Weekend
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