Getting lost in Lost River Park — What We Did Last Weekend


Last weekend we hiked to Cranny Crow overlook, located in a small ridge in Lost River State Park, West Virginia. There we found a couple of beautiful views and historical sites such as an old fire tower and an abandoned town. We also saw endless naked trees and some ice stalactites hanging down from rocks – something common in winter.

Blue Mountains

The trail was very steep at the beginning, but the view from the overlook was worth it. Cranny Crow consists of big rocks at the edge of a ridge, creating an open 270-degree panoramic view to the south. The rocks are covered with green and purple lichens and some ice, something we should pay attention at. We enjoyed an unforgiving view of the Blue Ridge mountains – really blue! – fading away in the distance. Black birds, probably crows, were also flying in circles over the forests.

After having a snack at the overlook, we continued walking through the forest and found interesting creatures such as white mushrooms and old twisted trees.

Getting lost in Lost River Park — What We Did Last Weekend
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