Fall in Old Rag Mountain — What We Did Last Weekend


Birds’ Nest

Although it’s not as well known as the main overlook, there is a cool secondary spot to enjoy a nice view of the mountains, forests and rock outcrops around. Specially during fall when the set of colors is almost unreal. It’s called Bird’s nest, which consists of a pile of huge rocks located very close to a cabin in the Saddle trail.

After enjoying the nest, we continued our way up with other many groups of hikers. There was no solitude at all and having so many people talking loud or shouting around us was sometimes quite disturbing. Nevertheless, it was wonderful to see how wildlife – specially plants and trees – changed aspect along the trail according to the topography, creating various sets of shapes, contours and hues. We were happy to be fit 😉

Old Rag Summit

When we arrived to the summit we were totally astonished with one of the best views in Shenandoah. The huge rocks at the main overlook provide plenty of space for many groups of hikers to relax and have lunch. Everyone was excited to be in such a great atmosphere after climbing the steep mountain. We adored the fresh air breeze in the sunny afternoon, the endless tones of the forests and the view to the infinite. The granite rock outcrops all over the place were also admirable and very attractive to climbers like us. We didn’t need our life insurance 😉

Fall in Old Rag Mountain — What We Did Last Weekend
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